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Uukha Ux100 Carbon Recurve Limbs

SKU# 8600002

Regular Price: $739.99

Special Price: $499.99

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Item # 8600002

Designed for top archers looking for a high technology limb.
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Product Description
Product Description
• Constructed of epoxy impregnated carbon reinforcements, molded at a high pressure and high temperature
• Monolithic composition whose mechanical properties are far higher than those of traditional laminates
• Unequalled smoothness, capacity to store energy, and rigidity in torque and vibration control
• Completely insensitive to weather variations
• Guarantees perfectly straight limbs; will not twist
• Material: Aramide, glass, and 90% carbon fiber
• ILF compatiable
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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Review by Aya

I've shot these limbs for over a year, and they as well as the riser have carried me through many national tournaments, and trials, helping me get PB's and a spot on the Cadet USAT. They are smooth limbs and are very light. If the archer knows what they are doing and are consistent with there form/process then the limbs will be more forgiving. I love these limbs and Im going to be buying a new pair very soon.

(Posted on 1/1/14)

a little bit disappointed Review by Egor Mironov

I bought them to change my Formula F4 (medium 42 pounds) on HPX riser.
I ordered an adopter as well, first thing I noticed when I put UUKHA on, my brace became less for 3 cm (1"1/4 inch), but the description says: • Does not affect weight or length of the limbs”. When I turned string for 30 times to get my brace of 21,5 cm, bow became shorter for the same 3 cm ( so not a 68" but 66" 3/4)
When I started shooting I didn't feel any softness in the clicker zone (see follow- poundage)
Spending a whole day I couldn't tune it up to get a group or a bare shaft at group.
When I measured poundage at my draw length it was 52 pounds (42 pounds medium UUKHA) instead of 46-47 that I expected based on UUKHA official site calculator and my F4 42 pounds measurement.
So my arrows don't fit at all, and I don't want to change them.
--- I wouldn't advise them for someone with Formula risers.
--- I felt vibration after shot much longer then F4 (even if I change tailor from 0 to 6mm, and brace from 20.5 to 22.5 (21.5 +-10mm))
--- Noise
+++awesome look
+++ Very fast comparing Hoyt F4
+++ My sight raise up for at least 1cm (at 70m)
I will switch for Hoyt Formula F7 carbon foam.

(Posted on 8/26/13)

awesome Review by FRC

looks great, although the price is high, it's worth every penny

(Posted on 3/18/13)

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