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Uukha Vx1000 Xcurve Recurve Limbs

SKU# 8600011


Item # 8600011

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Efficiency and comfort with no equivalence on the market.
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Product Description
Product Description
• Designed for archers looking for the best performance with no concession to comfort, ease and control
• Smoother (about 40%), faster (about 8 fps, which is equivalent to a 3# gain at 40#), lighter (than previous Ux100) and they keep the unmatched Ux100 lateral stability
• Manufactured in a optimized 100% carbon version of the Monolith C Uukha exclusive technology: the Monolith C Evo²
• Monolith C100, with 100% carbon fiber content is compressed in metallic molds machined by CNC, under high pressure at high temperature
• Designed with the Xcurve profile, the extreme curvature provides 40% more smoothness at the end of draw and a 4% speed gain
• Aeronautics technology is the key for strength, durability and fatigue resistance which is far superior to laminated techniques
• Visible weaved carbon and monolithic structure offers torsion stability superior to laminated limbs
• Core structure is made of unidirectional carbon and glass which is responsible for flex resistance, high durability and vibration dampening
• Narrow limb ends and solid carbon tips have been reduced to increase speed
• ILF compatiable
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Customer Reviews

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Just close your eyes and open your wallet, they are worth every penny! Review by Jason Furtner

I was skeptical, I have to admit. $900 bucks for limbs? They better be made out of unicorn ivory or something. Then I strung them up and shot them. WOW. It is a very different feeling. The draw is so smooth you almost don't feel the expansion, which is actually a little weird at first, but quickly becomes your new favorite thing. For those who like a "surprise" release, these limbs are for you.
And dat speed! Definitely at least the advertised +8fps if not more (havent put them through the chronograph yet). The limbs are completely dead after the shot, VERY little vibration signifying a good dynamic energy transfer to the arrow. And finally, they are incredibly well made! One solid piece of carbon that is completely weatherproof, impervious to warping, lateral twisting, and delamination.


(Posted on 2/13/15)

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