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W&W Sebastian Flute Premium Complete Stabilizer Set

Product Description
• Lightweight, carbon stabilizer set ideal for beginners who want the benefit of a full system
• Includes: 28" front stabilizer, 10" side rods, and 45 degree v-bar
• V-bar slides to allow for perfect balance
• Includes 3 dampers
• Available in black only

Customer Reviews

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On the fence about this product. Review by Isaiah Atkinson

Having read the other reviews I knew what to expect when ordering this set.

The vbar does slip due to vibration. I find myself adjusting it continually. It's a combination of the main stabilizer loosening and the vbar not quite clamping 100% to the slick material. That being said, it is only a minor annoyance.

The weights and dampeners do seem to only be secured to the tubing by epoxy, only about ~1/4 in deep into the tubing. This is at least certain on the main stabilizer shaft. I had an arrow slip and a dry fire. The resulting vibration broke the weight and dampener off section from the shaft. This occurred after the initial setup and firing about 15 arrows.

I reattached the front section with a more heavy duty epoxy concrete solution and it seems fine now. I would probably opt for the $130 stabilizer set here on LA in hopes of a more sturdy product, but for $99 it is definitely a viable option.

(Posted on 6/8/14)

Great place to start ... Review by Charles K

Hard to beat for the price.

As noted by other reviews the adjustable v-bar mount allows experimenting with positioning on center rod. No manufacturing defects on set I received. Nicely finished. I've shot about 300 times with it so far. Intermediate recreational archer, 20 yds , home backyard range, shoot 4-5 a week.

The v-bar mount clamps to the center rod via a plastic split bushing compressed by a metal clamp integral to the v-mount actuated by a hex head screw ( hex wrench provided ). I found that the entire v-bar assembly with the side rods attached has a tendency to rotate slightly on the center rod ( due to vibration ) and finding the sweet spot getting it snug had me nervous about stripping out the hex head screw so caution advised here. I think part of the issue may be the highly polished rod surfaces themselves.

Dampers work, weights can be removed/adjusted. Using this on a 25" Hoyt Horizon riser w/ #24 medium SF Premium limbs, does everything a stabilizer set should do at a quarter the price of the Shibuya set-up on my other bow ( 25" Hoyt Formula w/ #36 medium Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs ).

Highly recommend.

(Posted on 6/4/14)

sf premium stabilizers Review by oldgeez

I bought this setup from a friend for next to nothing. installed it on my compound tournament bow after adding considerable weight. no problems, whatsoever. the dampers alone would cost as much as I paid and the stabs work flawlessly, just like a more expensive set. the dampers work great and the bow sits like a rock. all the adjustability of an expensive set. highly recommend, if you're broke like me. I think these are really underpriced. guys sell custom versions for $3 per foot, plus weights

(Posted on 12/19/13)

Nice Fit / Finish, Options To Add & Upgrade Review by Xero

Bought this setup out of curiosity. SF, carbon. I have an SF Pro Forged 25" riser, long Axiom+ and SF Premium limbs, 30# and 40#. Intermediate archer, shooting 20 yd. in the "Archery Barn" -- at paper plates. Archery is a hobby, not a competition for me.

Fit, finish, features are nice. V-Bar 45 degree attaches to forward stab, slides fore/aft to adjust, locks down (cinches) on a well designed polymer ferrule. Design is not going to scar finish.

Standard fittings, this set can will accept standard weights, extensions, V Bars, dampers. All and all a functional setup for intermediate archers, offering options to upgrade, fine tune w/ accessories.

(Posted on 8/3/13)

Looks the business, but don't add weight. Review by Cam

Added an ounce to the long rod and about 10 shots later the ferrule, damper and weights were on the floor. Turns out it is inserted at most 5mm into the tube and fixed with what looks like epoxy.

(Posted on 4/23/13)

great buy for complete set up Review by charlie

I was very satisfied with this purchase. I thought the product was well made, especially for the price. I had no problems with the threads. Everything fit my SF premium riser nicely. I like how you can add or subtract the weights or dampers based on your preferences. The v bar can be removed if you unthread the damper mount at the front end of the long rod. The first poster may not have realized that this was removable. I can feel the difference in my ability to hold the sight pin steadier and my scores improved.

(Posted on 4/15/13)

Great Beginner Setup Review by Todd

I bought this setup for my 10 year old daughter who has been shooting with a local JOAD club for a few months. She loves the setup. She says it makes her feel like a real Olympic archer. That alone justifies the expenditure for me. Her confidence level was instantly raised before she ever even loosed an arrow with it installed!

Price, the whole setup costs less than most long rods by themselves.

Finish, well finished. Looks like I spent more than I did...

Adjustment, the v-bar can be adjusted infinitely fore and aft along the long rod. This gives a tremendous amount of adjustment! We started with the V-bar at it's rearmost position and moved it forward incrementally until we found the sweet spot for my daughter. I was a little skeptical about this arrangement until we tried it and got it dialed in.

Dampers, they work. We tried no dampers then added the front then rears. There was a substantial difference in feel and we settled on using all three. My daughter tells me her bow feels like butter now. Again adding to her confidence.

The first set we ordered had two defects. First the threaded ferrule on the far end of the long rod was installed slightly crooked. The short rods were very difficult to thread into the V-bar. It felt like either the side rods or V-bar were not threaded correctly. LANCASTER EXCHANGED THIS WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The replacement set was flawless.

The V-bar set up is a little non traditional. It doesn't screw into the riser or a separate extension and it cannot be removed from the long rod. The negative to this is if you experiment with just the long rod the V-bar will still be attached. Not a real big deal if you want to use the whole system but worth noting. Like I said above it does offer tremendous tuning ability.

Overall For the money if you don't like it you won't be out much and should be able to sell it or donate it to your local club. I think the range of tuning offered by this setup greatly offsets the quirkieness of the design.

This may actually be the sleeper product of the year for beginner/intermediate archers looking for that extra little bit of fine tuning.

(Posted on 3/4/13)

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