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X Sight Archery Performance Shooting Glasses

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Item # 3290008

Change your lens, change your game.
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Product Description
Product Description
• Interchangeable lens glasses for any condition you'll shoot in.
• Lens filtration technology is designed for archers to meet the individuals needs when it comes to seeing the target
• Each color is designed for different shooting conditions for a clearer sight picture
Blue lens:
• Suitable for medium to bright light conditions
• Reduces the intensity of red and blue while maximizing perception of the yellow
• Enhanced image clarity
• Increased target contrast
Yellow lens:
• Suitable for low light conditions
• Makes the environment appear brighter for shooting in low light situations
• Reduces intensity of the color blue and red for increased perception on the gold
• Makes objects appear sharper both indoors and outdoors
Purple lens:
• Suitable for medium light conditions
• Increased color perception and target visibility
• Excellent for reducing glare from scopes, peeps, lenses, etc.
• Reduced perception of green to provide a good contrast of the target against the grass
Brown lens:
• Suitable for bright light conditions
• Best used on sunny days to reduce the strain put on your eyes to see the target clearly
• Blocks undesirable blue light while improving contrast of other colors
• Increased target contrast
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Customer Reviews

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Well worth the money! Review by Willis Martin Stephenson

These glasses really sharpen every thing you see with these glasses even the target. They are extremely light and can be easily worn for long periods of time.

(Posted on 12/1/17)

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