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XSWings Vanes by Sitar & Sitar

SKU# 9320002


Item # 9320002

Catalog Page # 103

Made by a Champion for Champions!
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Product Description
Product Description
• Designed and made for the 10 ring!
• Unrivaled accuracy and durability
• Used by Brady Ellison, Mario Cardoso Lopez, Natali Avdeeva and Toja Černe
• Includes double sided tape and wrapping tape
• Sold in Packs of 50
50mm Soft (weighs: 1.2 gr.)
Designed for all recurve archers. The best replacement for classic helical vanes (used by pro recurve archers)
50mm Hard (weighs: 1.8 gr.)
Designed for all recurve archers. The best replacement for classic helical vanes (used by pro recurve archers, Patrick Huston)
60mm Soft
Low Profile (weighs: 1.6 gr.) - best used for recurve bows under 40 pounds and compound bows with speeds under 270 fps
High Profile (weighs: 1.8 gr.) - best used for recurve bows over 50 pounds and compound bows with speeds above 270 fps
60mm Hard
Low Profile (weighs: 2.2 gr.) - best used for recurve bows over 40 pounds and compound bows with speeds under 270 fps
High Profile (weighs: 2.4 gr.) - best used for recurve and takedown bows over 50 pounds and compound bows with speeds above 270 fps (used by pro compound archers, Toja Černe, Dejan Sitar)
Best used for Hit-Miss, Field and Olympic Round competitions
Also provides excellent broadhead stabilization past 10 yards
70mm Soft (weighs: 2.0 gr.)
Offers smooth stability on short distances
Recommended for all recurve, compound and barebows
Recommended for indoor and 3D competitions
70mm Hard (weighs: 2.6 gr.)
Maximum stability on short distances with high wind
Recommended for takedown or high poundage recurve and compound bows
Recommended for hunting (stabilizes broadheads) and 3D competitions

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Great vanes and durable Review by John

I shot the 70mm soft for indoor, they make the arrow flight more steady and tighten the grouping. Definitely would recommend them! The only comment is that the white vanes I got are actually translucent, makes them look like you didn't put any vanes from a distance. I would hope them are solid white, or I will try the black ones next time.

(Posted on 6/27/15)

great vanes but so fragile Review by gustavo adolfo

a friend give me these sping wing vane style and i try it out with my apollo 670 spin with my recuerve bow and this vanes stabelice more faster and there are more aerodynamic than range o magtic, gas pro or eli vanes but the onnly issue is that there are so fragile

(Posted on 12/15/14)

great vanes Review by rick james

these vanes seem to stick the traditional gold winning spin wing but without falling apart like your normal spin wings. highly recommend these if you like spin wings but don't like how fragile they are.

(Posted on 12/6/14)

Worth every penny Review by DONALD A. CORWIN

I bought these as an experiment to try on my compound target & 3D shafts. I already use another brand of spinwings on my recurve shafts so I was comfortable with fletching them & had a good idea of what to expect. They are both extremely rugged vanes and generally take several hits. When you do shoot one off, it generally releases cleanly from its tape and is very easy to repair or reuse the same vane again later. Fletching is a breeze since they are so rigid and, once the shafts are marked and you pre-apply the supplied tape strip to the shaft, you simply apply the vane to the tape and rub it down. As far as performance goes, They are grouping very, very tightly and the 70mm vanes appear to give as much spin as the 5" feathers I used to shoot with on heavily tipped 2712s. On my outdoor shafts, the 50mm hard vanes simply spin in a blur. Neither the Easton ACG or the 2712 showed any signs of wobble and appeared to fly dead straight as I hoped. In addition, the 70mm vanes allowed me to avoid any clearance issues on both short braced target bows. These vanes are far more durable than any of the other rigid spinwings out there that I've tried even though they are a bit pricy. I have shattered a couple on a one-spot target in cold weather (4 deg F), but for the most part, when I have clipped a vane off, I usually find it still clinging on or lying on the ground; still intact. Excellent product so far. Am ordering more.

(Posted on 11/22/13)

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