2018 Hoyt Double XL TGT Compound Bow
2018 Hoyt Double XL TGT Compound Bow

2018 Hoyt Double XL TGT Compound Bow

Item # 2560919

Built for the long haul.
• An ultra-stable powerhouse with a draw length suitable for even the biggest archers
• Over-engineered for smooth performance and ultimate accuracy
• Zero-torque hyper cam creates a balanced side-to-side load eliminating the need for a flexible cable guard
• Reduced cable-induced torque and lateral nock travel results in dead-center accuracy
• QuadFlex limbs are 3/4" wide and increase the stability and consistency from shot to shot
• Bi-Ax pocket system is specifically engineered for the best contact points of the riser to pocket and pocket to limb for a zero tolerance ultra-tough design
• X-Act grip provides consistent hand placement with a re-engineered grip width, angle and shape resulting in ultimate accuracy
• Offset weight distribution has been engineered to provide a revolutionary asymmetrical wider pocket on the bottom of the bow to keep the mass at the grip for near perfect balance
• Shock Pods create a deadly silent shot with reduced vibration and hand shock

• Draw Weight Ranges: 30-40 lbs., 40-50 lbs., 50-60 lbs., 60-70 lbs.
• Draw Length Options: Cam 2 (26.5" - 30"), Cam 3 (29" - 32"), Cam 4 (31" - 33")
• Available Colors: Pearl White, Silver Ice, Championship Red, Orange Torch, Mean Green, Electric Teal, Cobalt Blue, Victory Violet, Harvest Brown, Jet Black
More Information
Model Year2018
Axle to Axle35-3/4"
Brace Height7"
Let Off85%
Speed325 fps
Weight (lbs.)4.7 lbs.
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