2019 PSE Supra Focus XL Compound Bow (Premium Colors)

2019 PSE Supra Focus XL Compound Bow (Premium Colors)

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• It takes intense Focus to beat the competition and stand at the top of the podium

• Re-engineered design of the original Supra™ target bow to achieve unparalleled shootability and ease of aiming

• Features a deflexed riser specifically designed to help achieve a rock-solid stance that reduces pin float and keeps you on target longer

• Powered by PSE’s all-new shorter Wide Track™ target limbs, center pull design, and choice of the unparalleled SE or EM cam, ensuring less lateral flex, perfect nock travel, and a smooth and steady back wall

• Wedge Lock™ limb pockets and Micro Adjust Lateral Adjustment System (L.A.S.) makes adjusting center shot and tuning bows more simple than ever before with a single micro-adjust screw

• Flex Rod System (FRS) is specifically engineered to eliminate torque during your draw cycle and is designed to work with PSE's RollerGlide™

• RollerGlide™ is the smoothest cable slide on the market, rolling with your cable to eliminate friction

• LiveWire bow strings & cables

• Handcrafted in the USA

• Axle to Axle: 40"

• Peak Draw Weights: 50 lbs., 60 lbs.

• Draw Length Range:

EM Cam 24" to 30"

SE Cam 28" to 33.5"

• Brace Height:

EM Cam 7.5"

SE Cam 8"

• Feet Per Second Range:

EM Cam 319 fps - 327 fps

SE Cam 304 fps - 345 fps

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Model Year2019
Axle to Axle40"
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Do Not Ship InternationalNo
Open BoxNo
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