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B3 Braden Gellenthien Ghost Release
B3 Braden Gellenthien Ghost Release 2021 B3 Braden Gellenthien Pro Release

B3 Braden Gellenthien Ghost Release

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Hinge release designed to specifications established by world number-one ranked men's compound archer Braden Gellenthien, that is coated with the gritty B3 Ghost finish.

  • Men's World Number One Compound archer Braden Gellenthien has partnered with B3 Archery to develop the all-new BG Ghost back tension release
  • 4 finger hook or 3 finger configuration options included
  • Auto-return hook for fast and easy release re-set
  • Features a micro-adjustable Pelican Sear, drive the sear forward or back with the use of an hex key for complete control and confidence
  • Improved leverage for execution built into this new geometry with prominent finger beds for shot-to-shot repeatability
  • Includes four unique pelican sears to find the exact optimum setting for each archer, two .008" click and two no-click
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