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  1. What is F.O.C.? And how does it affect my arrows?

    What is F.O.C.? And how does it affect my arrows?

    F.O.C. is a hot topic in arrow-building discussions today. What is F.O.C.? It’s the acronym for “front of center.” What it refers to is the percentage of an arrow’s total weight – including the point - that is concentrated forward of the center of the arrow. F.O.C. is something that mainly bowhunters are concerned with, and there’s no question that...
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  2. Know Your Archery Glues

    Know Your Archery Glues

    Stick it, for the win! Archery is a game that requires lots of glue. We glue points, inserts and nock bushings inside arrow shafts. We glue vanes, feathers and certain nocks onto arrow shafts. Sometimes you want bonds to be permanent. Sometimes, you want to be able to separate parts later. To get the right parts to stick the right...
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  3. EXPLAINED: World Archery 3D Championship Classes

    The World Archery 3D Championships features competition in four classes, each with separate divisions for men and women. In this video, we explain the basic rules that separate the Barebow, Compound, Instinctive and Longbow classes. These classes exist within other organizations, but the World Archery rules for each are unique. World Archery’s 3D Championships are held every other year in...
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  4. What is compound bow let-off?

    What is compound bow let-off?

    So you’re standing in an archery shop and you overhear an archer claiming his compound bow features 80-percent let-off. And you’re thinking, “What the heck does that mean? What’s let-off?” To begin to answer this question, you first need to understand how compound bows differ from recurves and longbows in the way they function. Those other bows have a single...
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  5. 3D Archery Explained

    3D Archery Explained

    Come Feb. 26 in Foley, Alabama, the archery world unofficially will shift gears from indoors to the outdoor 3D season as the Archery Shooters Association kicks off its 2016 slate of tournaments with the Hoyt Archery Alabama Pro/Am. That got us thinking that now would be a good time to give an overview of 3D archery in the modern world...
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  6. What's the difference between momentum and kinetic energy?

    What's the difference between momentum and kinetic energy?

    When it comes to bowhunting, kinetic energy gets all the love. You can find scads of articles extolling its virtues and charts describing its professed impact. Momentum, by comparison, is the genius, recluse cousin few people talk about, but who has a cult following. It’s punk rock before that brand of music became mainstream. In another blog entry, we explored...
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  7. What is Kinetic Energy and Why does it matter?

    What is Kinetic Energy and Why does it matter?

    What better time for a physics lesson than the start of the fall bowhunting seasons? If you’ve never heard the term mentioned, you should familiarize yourself with it before you head out into the field with a bow and arrow in pursuit of wild game. Kinetic energy. What is it? According to, kinetic energy is “the energy of motion” ...
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  8. Archery Slang: Speak the language

    Archery Slang: Speak the language

    Sports and slang go together “like peas and carrots,” as Forrest Gump would say. There isn’t a game out there that doesn’t have its own unique phrases and words – and you’re not likely to find the sports meanings in any standard dictionary. When I played Little League baseball, my neighbor’s father hollered, “Can of corn!” every time someone hit...
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  9. What is brace height?

    What is brace height?

    Brace height. It’s something every archer should know about, regardless of the bow they shoot, because it affects us all. But what is brace height? And why should we care about it? Brace height is the distance between the string and the deepest part of the bow grip. For modern compound bows, the brace height is going to be set...
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  10. Know Your Archery Styles

    Know Your Archery Styles

    Once you get into archery, you’re going to hear people throwing out terms such as “Olympic,” “traditional,” “3-D archery,” etc. They’re talking about the different styles of archery. And if you’re going to get into the game, you’ve got to know your style. Here at Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc., we promote all types of archery, and we have broken the...
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