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07.19.2016 | Categories: News, Press Releases

Lancaster Archery Supply is exclusive U.S. distributor for Spider Vanes, other key Olympic archery companies

When Brady Ellison releases his arrows on the field of Sambodromo in Rio this summer, they will be guided by Spider Vanes. Same goes for his teammate, Zach Garrett. Ellison, USA’s top male archer and one of the most recognizable archers in the world, helped design these new-to-market vanes, which come in varieties for both […]

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04.01.2016 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides
Jack Wallace featured

Jack Wallace II: 3D archery accessories you can’t leave at home

The 3D archery course can be an unforgiving place. Besides the course and other competitors, you’ve got to contend with wind, rain, heat, cold, etc. You’ve got to shoot through all of it. Lightning is basically the only natural element that will put a tournament on hold. If you have an equipment issue out on […]

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03.25.2016 | Categories: Archery Tips, Equipment Setup
Dan featured

Dan McCarthy’s guide to killer 3D archery arrows

For more than a decade, pro archer Dan McCarthy has been working his way onto podiums at 3D archery tournaments. He knows what it takes to succeed at the game’s highest level. Not surprisingly, McCarthy is meticulous about setting up all his equipment. But when it comes to his arrows, he is especially particular. And […]

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03.24.2016 | Categories: Video, Archery Tips, Equipment Setup

How to tie a peep sight into a bow string

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXpert P.J. Reilly demonstrates how to tie a peep sight into the string of a compound bow in this video. There’s great value in putting a peep sight into your compound bow string. It’s key to helping consistently align your eye with your sight at full draw. Tying the peep into the […]

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03.10.2016 | Categories: Archery Tips, Equipment Setup
david houser5

David Houser: Setting up a 3D bow

Hoyt pro archer David Houser is one of those few compound-bow archers who successfully competes in both the 3D and indoor spot-target games. Just last year, Houser finished second by a single bonus ring at the 2015 ASA Classic in the Known-50 division just a few months after shooting a perfect, 600 round, and qualifying […]

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02.04.2016 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides, Uncategorized
finger sling featured

Wrist and finger slings: Do I need one?

Take a close look at an Olympic recurve archer, and you’ll likely notice a piece of cord tethering the forefinger to the thumb, around the back of the bow at the grip. You might see the same thing on the hand of a compound archer, although you’re more likely to spot a cord attached to […]

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01.01.2016 | Categories: Product Info, Selection Guides
resolution reatured

5 archery resolutions for the new year and the products that can help you succeed

It’s time to put 2015 in the record book and focus on 2016. Do you have any archery resolutions for the New Year? Here are five we thought of, and the products that can help make you achieve the goals. Resolution: “I will perfect my time management on the shooting line.” In most archery tournaments, […]

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12.31.2015 | Categories: Video, Archery Tips, Nocked & Ready to Rock

How to paper tune your bow

John Dudley talks about paper tuning a bow in this 12th episode of the video series, Nocked and Ready to Rock, which tracks the full set-up of a compound bow for hunting. Dudley discusses the importance of shooting an arrow through a piece of paper to check the flight of your arrow as it leaves […]

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12.21.2015 | Categories: Selection Guides

Top Archery Products of 2015

The year 2015 is rapidly coming to a close. It was a big year in the archery world. Reo Wilde in May set a new world record in a Matchplay 15-arrow competition, shooting a 150 with 12 X’s, breaking the old record by 2 X’s. Levi Morgan in August became the first archer ever to […]

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12.21.2015 | Categories: Video, Nocked & Ready to Rock

How to install a peep sight

How to install a peep sight is the task John Dudley tackles in this 10th part of the video series, Nocked and Ready to Rock. Dudley talks about the importance of getting the peep sight in the right position for an individual archer. It’s critical for the archer to settle in to his or her […]

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