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  1. Guide to Compound Bow Arrow Rests

    Guide to Compound Bow Arrow Rests

    You’ve got your first compound bow, and now you’re trying to figure out which arrow rest to put on it. Looking through a catalog, you’ll undoubtedly notice many different rests in a variety of shapes and configurations. Let us break them down for you so you can figure out which rest is right for your compound bow. For starters, understand...
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  2. Guide to Olympic Archery Arrow Rests

    In this video, LAS TechXpert, and former U.S. national champion archer, Dan Schuller runs through the different types of arrow rests for Olympic recurve bows. Olympic recurve archery – as the name suggests – is the only archery featured in the Olympic Games. So this is the highest level of competitive archery with a recurve bow in the world. And...
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  3. Guide to Traditional Archery Arrow Rests

    Guide to Traditional Archery Arrow Rests

    Traditional archers are known for their simplicity. Everything about their gear is uncomplicated. The rests they choose for their bows are no different. They’re simple, but functional. Before you start to pick a rest, take a look at your bow’s riser. If it’s bare above the shelf, with no holes in it, your rest choices are more limited than if...
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  4. How to set up a drop-away arrow rest

    Nocked and Ready to Rock host John Dudley talks about setting up and adjusting a drop-away arrow rest in this seventh installment of his video series, which walks through the entire process of setting up a bow. For his setup, Dudley uses a limb-driven Trophy Taker, so that's the drop-away rest he describes. He talks about the importance of setting...
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  5. How to change the draw cord on QAD HDX Ultra Rest

    The Quality Archery Design (QAD) Ultra Rest is a popular arrow rest used by many archers today. It’s a full-capture, drop-away rest, that’s triggered by a cord tied into, or clamped onto, the bow cable that pulls down as you draw the string. From time to time, the rest cord can wear out, or you might want to change it...
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  6. Q.A.D. Ultrarest HDX

    Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Wesley Benoit demonstrates the features and functions of the Quality Archery Designs (QAD) Ultrarest HDX. This is an arrow rest designed specifically for compound bows. It's a full-capture rest, which means the arrow is fully contained by the rest when it's activated. It cannot fall out, no matter how the archer turns the bow. That makes...
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