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  1. How to Build a Hunting Arrow

    How to Build a Hunting Arrow

    Have you been searching for the perfect hunting arrow? One that's perfectly matched to your bow, is the right length, has the fletchings you like and flies flawlessly? Why not build your own? We put together a four-part video series that walks you through the process of building an arrow, from picking the right shaft, to determining the proper length...
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  2. The basics of bow-mounted quivers for bowhunting

    The basics of bow-mounted quivers for bowhunting

    You’ve seen the pictures of Robin Hood and his merry men running through the woods with quivers of arrows strapped to their backs. Errol Flynn as Robin Hood That’s a nice look for Hollywood, and it’s cool for traditional archers shooting targets. But it’s not very practical for today’s bowhunters. Broadheads and back quivers aren’t a good combination. Whoever invented...
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  3. Explained: Walk-Back Tuning

    In this 13th and final installment of Nocked and Ready to Rock for 2016, John Dudley demonstrates walk-back tuning. Dudley shoots his bow at 3 yards and then at 50 to determine if his rest is in perfect alignment with his sight. This is critical, he says, because it's possible for archers to sight in at 20 yards, but then...
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  4. Explained: Perfect Conditions for Testing Arrows

    In this 11th installment of Nocked and Ready to Rock, host John Dudley describes the ideal conditions for testing different arrow configurations. Dudley likes to shoot on flat ground on a calm day when he shoots arrows set up with different fletching configurations to determine which one(s) work best with a given bow setup.
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