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  1. Customizing your bow grip

    Customizing your bow grip

    “Man, I love this bow, but I just can’t get comfortable with this grip!” Ever found yourself in this situation? You’re not alone. And no, you don’t just “have to get used to it.” If you find a bow that you like, but it’s got a grip that doesn’t suit you, there are lots of potential fixes on the market...
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  2. Bowhunting Tech Tip: Proper Bow Grip

    Positioning your hand properly on the bow grip is arguably the most important aspect of shooting accurately. Yet - pardon the pun - it's something many archers don't have a proper grip on. In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly demonstrates the proper way to grip a bow. This applies to target archers and bowhunters alike. Establishing a proper grip...
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  3. Sugru Self-Setting rubber

    Lancaster Archery TechXPert Dan Schuller talks about the archery applications of Sugru. Sugru is a glue that turns into rubber after it cures. It's flexible like play-dough when you pull it out of the pack, so you can mold it to fit the shape you want. Let it sit exposed to air for 24 hours, and it will stick wherever...
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