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  1. Bowhunting Tech Tip: Crossbow Maintenance

    Crossbows are becoming more and more popular these days, as their use during archery hunting seasons expands across North America. One of the reasons they are so popular is they are easy to become proficient with and easy to use, when compared to vertical compound and traditional bows. Because they are so easy to use, however, crossbows often times aren't...
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  2. How to wax a bowstring and perform other basic string maintenance

    How to wax a bowstring and perform other basic string maintenance

    Think of your bowstring as the engine that drives your bow, whether it’s a compound, a recurve or a longbow. To get energy out of the bow to propel an arrow, you must put energy into it. And to do that, you have to draw the string. Photo by Jeff Sanchez – BowDoc Archery Your car engine needs regular maintenance...
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  3. How to tie a D-loop

    In this video, Lancaster Archery TechXPert P.J. Reilly demonstrates how to tie a D-loop onto the string of a compound bow. The D-loop is attached to the bowstring, to provide both a nocking point for your arrow and a connection for your mechanical release. You hook your release to the loop before drawing the bow. By doing so, you protect...
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  4. How to change the draw cord on QAD HDX Ultra Rest

    The Quality Archery Design (QAD) Ultra Rest is a popular arrow rest used by many archers today. It’s a full-capture, drop-away rest, that’s triggered by a cord tied into, or clamped onto, the bow cable that pulls down as you draw the string. From time to time, the rest cord can wear out, or you might want to change it...
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