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  1. What's a bow square, aka, T-square?

    What's a bow square, aka, T-square?

    Every archer needs a bow square. It’s just one of those tools that archers should have on hand to help out with a number of tasks. Also called a T-square because of its shape, a bow square is a measuring device that can be clipped to the bow string. There will be measurement lines on both the vertical and horizontal...
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  2. What is brace height?

    What is brace height?

    Brace height. It’s something every archer should know about, regardless of the bow they shoot, because it affects us all. But what is brace height? And why should we care about it? Brace height is the distance between the string and the deepest part of the bow grip. For modern compound bows, the brace height is going to be set...
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