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  1. Why aren't compound bows used in the Olympics?

    Why aren't compound bows used in the Olympics?

    Compound bows have been around since the 1960s. Here in the U.S., you're more likely to see people shooting compounds at the local archery range than recurve bows. Watch any of the televised coverage of archery at this summer's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, however, and all you'll see are recurve bows. Why aren't compound bows used in...
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  2. Know Your Archery Styles

    Know Your Archery Styles

    Once you get into archery, you’re going to hear people throwing out terms such as “Olympic,” “traditional,” “3-D archery,” etc. They’re talking about the different styles of archery. And if you’re going to get into the game, you’ve got to know your style. Here at Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc., we promote all types of archery, and we have broken the...
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