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  1. What to Expect at your first archery tournament

    What to Expect at your first archery tournament

    So you’re heading to your first indoor archery tournament? Maybe you’re feeling a little intimidated. Maybe you’re feeling nervous. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re not ready. Maybe you’re feeling all of these things and more. Don’t worry. Everyone is anxious in some way the first time they step to the line alongside dozens of other archers to shoot for an...
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  2. Scholastic 3-D Archery - S3DA - Scoring: How it Works

    Scholastic 3-D Archery - or S3DA, as it's being called - is an off-shoot of the Scholastic Archery Association that's dedicated to getting kids up through high school age involved in 3-D archery. Chapters of S3DA are forming all across the country as more and more kids discover how challenging and fun 3-D archery can be. In this video, Heather...
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  3. How to pull arrows out of a target

    Lancaster Archery Academy instructors Heather Pfeil and Laura Reed discuss methods for properly pulling arrows out of a target. Properly retrieving your arrows will ensure that you and those near you remain safe. It is possible to injure yourself or others through improper arrow retrieval. Reed demonstrates several techniques for safely pulling arrows out of a target.
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  4. What's the Best Archery Stance?

    In this video Lancaster Archery Academy instructor Heather Pfeil demonstrates correct and incorrect stances for shooting a bow and arrow. Pfeil talks about the importance foot position has in balancing your body and aligning your shoulders for taking a shot. She discusses different stances for compound target archers, 3-D archers, bowhunters and traditional archers. If you want to have success...
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  5. Simple test for eye dominance

    Most of us have a dominant eye. That means our brains tend to prefer visual input from one eye over the other. Ideally in archery, you shoot so that your dominant eye is the one looking through the bowsight. Archers with a dominant right eye should shoot right-handed, and vice versa for lefties. Doing so allows you to keep both...
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