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  1. Lancaster Archery Supply checks out Hoyt's 2016 bow lineup

    The 2016 Hoyt bows are expected to arrive very soon to the Lancaster Archery Supply Pro Shop. In advance of their arrival, our TechXPerts got the chance to hold them, shoot them, study them and ask Hoyt sales rep Tonny Tazza questions about them. In this video, Tazza describes the design, features and functionality of the Hoyt PowerMax, HyperEdge, Defiant...
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  2. Defiant series leads Hoyt's 2016 bow lineup

    Defiant series leads Hoyt's 2016 bow lineup

    With much fanfare and anticipation, Hoyt unveiled its 2016 bow lineup over the course of a full day Oct. 13. Fans of the Utah bow maker were beside themselves, as they watched and waited to see what was next in the line. (Check out our video review of the 2016 lineup, here.) In the end, Hoyt introduced five new bows...
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