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  1. Hoyt 2021 Altus Compound Bow

    Hoyt Archery introduced the Altus compound bow as part of its target lineup for 2021. In this video, Lancaster Archery Supply's P.J. Reilly runs through the specs and features of this 38-inch-long bow that's going to be a great choice for all forms of target archery. The Altus is available with two different cams - the DCX and SVX. The...
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  2. Hoyt 2020 Alpha Series RX-4 and Axius Compound Bows Review

    For 2020, Hoyt has introduced the Alpha Series compound bows, which include the carbon RX-4 and aluminum Axius models. Watch here as Lancaster Archery Supply TechXpert P.J. Reilly runs through the features and technologies built into these 29.5-inch-long bows. These are the shortest bows Hoyt has ever offered in their premium line. They are designed with the hardcore hunter in...
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  3. Hoyt 2020 Recurve Overview with Olympian MacKenzie Brown

    U.S. Olympic archer MacKenzie Brown and Lancaster Archery Supply recurve archery specialist John Wert run through the new recurve offerings from Hoyt for 2020. The latest lineup from Hoyt includes the Xceed Grand Prix riser, which is a great choice for Olympic archers, but includes special features aimed directly at competitive barebow archers. The Xceed features a new limb alignment...
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  4. 2019 Hoyt RX-3, Helix and ProForce FX Compound Bows

    Hoyt introduced its 2019 lineup of compound bows, which include the RX-3, Helix and ProForce FX bows. In this video, Hoyt sales representative Gus Edwards describes the three bows to LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly. The RX-3 is Hoyt's flagship carbon hunting bow. The RX-3 measures 30.5 inches, with a 6-inch brace height and IBO speed rating of 342 feet per...
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  5. 2018 Hoyt REDWRX RX-1 and HyperForce

    Hoyt has introduced its 2018 lineup of flagship hunting bows, which includes the REDWRX RX-1 series and the HyperForce. Describing the bows to LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly is Hoyt sales representative, Gus Edwards. The RX-1 series is a line of carbon bows that features the RX-1, RX-1 Ultra and RX-1 Turbo. The RX-1 measures 32 inches axle to axle and...
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  6. 2017 Hoyt Prevail Target Compound Bow

    Hoyt Archery has unveiled its new flagship series of target compound bows for 2017 - the Prevail. Hoyt certainly is a well-known name in the target archery game, and so their new offerings are eagerly greeted each year by target archers all over the world. The Prevail series includes the Prevail FX at 35 inches axle to axle, the Prevail...
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  7. Lancaster Archery Supply checks out Hoyt's 2016 bow lineup

    The 2016 Hoyt bows are expected to arrive very soon to the Lancaster Archery Supply Pro Shop. In advance of their arrival, our TechXPerts got the chance to hold them, shoot them, study them and ask Hoyt sales rep Tonny Tazza questions about them. In this video, Tazza describes the design, features and functionality of the Hoyt PowerMax, HyperEdge, Defiant...
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  8. Defiant series leads Hoyt's 2016 bow lineup

    Defiant series leads Hoyt's 2016 bow lineup

    With much fanfare and anticipation, Hoyt unveiled its 2016 bow lineup over the course of a full day Oct. 13. Fans of the Utah bow maker were beside themselves, as they watched and waited to see what was next in the line. (Check out our video review of the 2016 lineup, here.) In the end, Hoyt introduced five new bows...
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  9. Hoyt Prodigy RX

    Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Dan Schuller discusses the features of the Hoyt Prodigy RX recurve riser. Schuller describes all the parts that come with the riser in the box and how they can be used to customize the riser to your liking. Schuller also takes a few shots with a full Olympic recurve setup featuring the Prodigy RX riser, and...
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