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  1. 2021 Mathews TRX 38 G2 and TRX 34

    For 2021, Mathews introduced the TRX 38G2 and TRX 34 compound bows to its target lineup. In this video, Lancaster Archery Supply's P.J. Reilly runs through the specs and features of both bows. The TRX 34 is going to be an excellent choice for either bowhunters or for target archers - especially target archers with a shorter draw length. The...
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  2. Mathews VXR Series 2020 Compound Bows Review

    Mathews Archery launched the VXR Series bows as its flagship hunting line for 2020. Watch here as Lancaster Archery Supply's P.J. Reilly runs through the features and technologies built into these bows, which are the VXR 28 and the VXR 31. Mathews took a lot of the technology built into its 2019 Vertix line, such as the Switchweight Mods, and...
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  3. 2018 Mathews Triax

    Mathews has introduced the Triax as its flagship hunting bow for 2018. In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly reviews the main features of this compound bow. The Triax measures 28 inches, axle to axle, and has a 6-inch brace height. The IBO speed rating is 343 feet per second. The bow has wide limbs to support Mathews' Crosscentric cam...
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  4. Mathews 2018 TRX 38

    A year after Mathews unveiled the TRX-7 and TRX-8 target bows, they've come out with the TRX 38 for 2018. As its name suggests, the TRX 38 is a 38-inch-long bow, down from the 40-inch TRX bows released in 2017. Mathews believes the 38-inch length will fit more shooters, some of whom balked at the 40-inch bow. The TRX 38...
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  5. Podcast: Jesse Broadwater, 2017 OPA Champion

    Podcast: Jesse Broadwater, 2017 OPA Champion

    In the world of professional, competitive compound archery, Jesse Broadwater is Mr. Consistency. He always seems to be at or near the top of the leader board. After shooting for Hoyt Archery for many years, Broadwater in 2017 switched to shooting for Mathews Inc. - a move that surprised many in the archery community. Eager to prove that he could...
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  6. Mathews Halon X review

    The Mathews Halon X compound bow was unveiled to the public at the 2016 Archery Trade Association show. In this video shot at ATA, Mathews engineer Jason Thurow discusses this new bow with Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert P.J. Reilly. While similar to the Halon released by Mathews late in 2015, the Halon X is longer, at 35 inches axle to...
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  7. 2016 Mathews Halon Review

    The 2016 Mathews Halon is out and Lancaster Archery Supply has it in our Pro Shop, among the other 2016 Mathews bows. In this video, Lancaster Archery TechXPert P.J. Reilly gives a rundown of some of the features and functions of the Halon, which is the flagship bow for Mathews in 2016. This is a 30-inch bow available in 5...
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