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  1. Using release aids to cure target panic

    Using release aids to cure target panic

    Can certain mechanical releases help compound archers squash target panic? It worked for me. When target panic nearly ruined archery for me in early 2016, a mechanical release turned everything around and made the game fun again. It’s been suggested that most archers will come down with target panic at some point during their shooting careers. The reasons why it...
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  2. Michael Braden talks index finger releases for target archery

    Michael Braden talks index finger releases for target archery

    In the bowhunting world, the index finger release arguably is the champ. You’ll see hordes of bowhunters with this release strapped to their wrists. For indoor target archery, however, the index finger release is uncommon, if not downright rare. Carter Like Mike Index finger releases are activated by depressing your index finger on a trigger mechanism. Some feature jaws that...
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  3. STAN releases review

    STAN came out with new features for several of its releases in 2016. Most notable, perhaps, is the training lock. The STAN releases that end with "TL" let you know they inlcude the training lock device. Basically, this is a pin that doesn't allow the hook on the release to open. So you can practice shooting with your own bow...
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  4. Scott Halo hinge-style release review with Levi Morgan

    The Scott Halo mechanical release is a new offering from Scott Archery that champion archer Levi Morgan discussed with Lancaster Archery Supply at the 2016 Archery Trade Association. The Halo is a hinge-style release Morgan likes because it's made of heavy brass, it's got a large opening for the index finger and the groves for the other fingers are deep...
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  5. Paper tuning 101

    Paper tuning 101

    Straight as an arrow. It’s a saying that’s used beyond archery, but archery is its root. Achieving perfect arrow flight, or, getting your arrows to fly as “straight as an arrow,” should be the goal of every archer. If your arrow flight is true, then the sky’s the limit for accuracy. Paper tuning is one of the most common ways...
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  6. Scott Rhino XT Release With NCS Buckle Strap

    Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Wesley Benoit demonstrates the features and operation of the Scott Rhino XT Release with NCS buckle strap. This is an open-hook release which makes connecting the release to the bowstring possible without having to look down at the string. It's activated by the archer's forefinger pressing the trigger. The NCS buckle strap features an adjustable nylon...
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  7. Stan Shootoff! Release

    Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Randy Groff takes a close look at the Stan Shootoff! release in this video. Specifically, Groff checks out the Blackout and the Standard versions of the release. In his review, Groff goes through all the adjustments available with this versatile release that can be shot by right- or left-handed archers, and which comes in three- or...
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