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  1. Why an integrate arrow rest is best

    Why an integrate arrow rest is best

    It was 2018 when Mathews machined a dovetail mount into the risers of its bows and introduced the world to the integrate-style arrow rests. Starting with its 2020 line, Hoyt became the second bow manufacturer to offer this unique rest-mounting feature on its bows. PSE added it to its flagship bows in 2021. Is it possible more bow manufacturers will...
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  2. How to change the draw cord on QAD HDX Ultra Rest

    The Quality Archery Design (QAD) Ultra Rest is a popular arrow rest used by many archers today. It’s a full-capture, drop-away rest, that’s triggered by a cord tied into, or clamped onto, the bow cable that pulls down as you draw the string. From time to time, the rest cord can wear out, or you might want to change it...
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  3. Q.A.D. Ultrarest HDX

    Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Wesley Benoit demonstrates the features and functions of the Quality Archery Designs (QAD) Ultrarest HDX. This is an arrow rest designed specifically for compound bows. It's a full-capture rest, which means the arrow is fully contained by the rest when it's activated. It cannot fall out, no matter how the archer turns the bow. That makes...
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