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  1. How to Choose the Right Recurve/Longbow String

    How to Choose the Right Recurve/Longbow String

    Getting the right size string for your recurve or longbow is critical to getting the best performance out of that bow. To do so, you’ve got to get a string that’s the correct length for your bow, and has the correct number of strands. LENGTH When figuring out the correct length for your bowstring, you’re likely to come across the...
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  2. Customizing your bow grip

    Customizing your bow grip

    “Man, I love this bow, but I just can’t get comfortable with this grip!” Ever found yourself in this situation? You’re not alone. And no, you don’t just “have to get used to it.” If you find a bow that you like, but it’s got a grip that doesn’t suit you, there are lots of potential fixes on the market...
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  3. How to Match Limbs and Risers for Your Takedown Recurve Bow

    How to Match Limbs and Risers for Your Takedown Recurve Bow

    Takedown recurve bows are favorites among hunters, target archers and backyard archers alike. They break down and pack easily. You can often get different weight limbs for different applications. They’re the Swiss Army knives of recurve bows. But not all takedown recurve bows are built the same. That is, you need to know what kind you have if you want...
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  4. What's the difference between a target bow and a hunting bow?

    What's the difference between a target bow and a hunting bow?

    What’s the difference between a hunting bow and a target bow? Maybe you’ve wondered this on a recent trip to your local archery pro shop when you eyed up the selection of hunting recurve and compound bows in one area and those labeled for target archery in another. Except for the muted colors or camo that dominates the hunting selection...
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  5. What's a bow square, aka, T-square?

    What's a bow square, aka, T-square?

    Every archer needs a bow square. It’s just one of those tools that archers should have on hand to help out with a number of tasks. Also called a T-square because of its shape, a bow square is a measuring device that can be clipped to the bow string. There will be measurement lines on both the vertical and horizontal...
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  6. Guide to Olympic Archery Arrow Rests

    In this video, LAS TechXpert, and former U.S. national champion archer, Dan Schuller runs through the different types of arrow rests for Olympic recurve bows. Olympic recurve archery – as the name suggests – is the only archery featured in the Olympic Games. So this is the highest level of competitive archery with a recurve bow in the world. And...
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  7. Guide to Traditional Archery Arrow Rests

    Guide to Traditional Archery Arrow Rests

    Traditional archers are known for their simplicity. Everything about their gear is uncomplicated. The rests they choose for their bows are no different. They’re simple, but functional. Before you start to pick a rest, take a look at your bow’s riser. If it’s bare above the shelf, with no holes in it, your rest choices are more limited than if...
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  8. A guide to bow stands for 3-D archery

    A guide to bow stands for 3-D archery

    The 3-D archery course can be a rough place. Mud, rocks, grass, pavement, greenbriers – you never what you’ll have to deal with. Encounter any of these conditions and you’ll wonder, “Where can I put my compound bow?” The thing you don’t want to do is set your bottom cam and/or limb down on anything that might affect your string...
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  9. Selway Archery quivers and a youth movement in traditional archery

    Traditional archery is enjoying an infusion of young blood, according to Drew Kohlhofer of Selway Archery. "I'm seeing an influx of guys coming in that are in that 20-40 age bracket," he said. Kohlhofer shares his observations on the youth movement, and talks about the unique quivers his company makes for traditional archers, with LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly at the...
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  10. Traditional Archery Bows Explained

    In traditional archery, the bows often are compared to works of art, rather than simple, arrow-delivering tools. Traditional archers carry their bows with pride, and they’ll gladly rattle off the specs – draw weight, construction material, string type, manufacturer, etc. In the compound-bow world, the differences between bows boils down to the manufacturers. But in the end, however, all are...
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