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  1. Beginner's Guide to Compound Archery Releases

    Beginner's Guide to Compound Archery Releases

    Using a mechanical release aid to draw and shoot a compound bow is critical to consistent shooting. Look at a full selection of releases in a pro shop and you’re going to see a variety of styles. What’s the difference? And what’s right for me? There are four main types of mechanical releases today. Let’s look at each type and...
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  2. T.R.U. Ball Short-N-Sweet'r Wrist Strap Release

    TRU Ball upgraded its popular Short-N-Sweet release for 2018, calling it the Short-N-Sweet'r. In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly reviews the features and functions of this wrist strap release. The Short-N-Sweet'r features an open hook, which connects to the D-loop quickly - something bowhunters will favor as a big buck approaches. The release comes with either a buckle strap...
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  3. Here's your basic guide to archery release aids

    Here's your basic guide to archery release aids

    A good clean release. It's what happens when you correctly let go of the bowstring at full draw, allowing the energy stored in the limbs to be transferred to the arrow, which is propelled down range toward the spot where you're aiming. A clean release is something every archer strives for on every shot. Achieve it, and the bull’s-eyes will...
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  4. Stan Shootoff! Release

    Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Randy Groff takes a close look at the Stan Shootoff! release in this video. Specifically, Groff checks out the Blackout and the Standard versions of the release. In his review, Groff goes through all the adjustments available with this versatile release that can be shot by right- or left-handed archers, and which comes in three- or...
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