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  1. Tree Stand Safety Harnesses Have a Limited Lifespan

    Tree Stand Safety Harnesses Have a Limited Lifespan

    Did you know the full-body safety harness you wear when you hunt from a tree stand has an expiration date? Due to federal regulations, all safety harnesses are stamped with a date identifying when the harness was made. And the effective service life is considered to be five years from that date, although some harness manufacturers say the life of...
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  2. Bowhunting Tech Tip: Shooting from a Tree Stand

    The merits of bowhunting from a tree stand are long proven. People hunting with archery equipment have been taking to the tress since prehistoric times. Often time, unfortunately, bowhunters forget proper archery form when they hunt from elevated stands. That can lead to errant shots. In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly demonstrates the proper way to shoot a vertical...
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  3. Advanced Treestands I-2 Take-Down Tree Stand

    Advanced Treestands built the ultimate hang-on stand with the I-2 Take-Down stand. As Down South's Justin Martin explains in this video, the stand breaks down into three pieces. Attach the stem, with the built-in ratchet straps, then add on the platform and seat. You can level this stand forward and back and side to side to account for imperfect trees...
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