Bowfinger 20/20 30mm Scope Kit

Bowfinger 20/20 30mm Scope Kit

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Innovative scope features many set-up configuration to work well with both pin or dot shooters.

Having the correct equipment set-up to match a particular situation is paramount for success in any target application. The 20/20 scope kit with its variety of build configurations gives the archer ultimate confidence knowing they have the right tool for the job at hand.
• Pin groove keeps pin straight and fiber behind the pin
• Nine 8/32 tapped holes for attaching a light kit: One angled to intersect center of lens for illuminating a colored dot
• All add-on 20/20 accessories are interchangeable with matching threads
• 5/16 Mounting Slot accepts a hex or square mounting shaft
• 8 Pin Mounting Positions
• Lens filter kit (sold separately) mounts on the target end of the scope and allows for optimal sight pictures in varying light conditions
• Short and Long Shade have an outside diameter of 1.6"
• Lens Diameter: 1.350" / Max Diameter Lens: 1.355"
• Overall length of scope kit: 3.5" (Scope housing, lens base, long hood, short hood & peep ring)
• Inside diameter of scope: 30mm

• Scope Housing
• Lens Base
• Short Shade
• Long Shade
• Peep Ring
Please note:Filter kits, lens, & pin sold separately.

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