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Cuddeback CuddeLink 3+1 Cellular Starter Kit
Cuddeback CuddeLink 3+1 Cellular Starter Kit

Cuddeback CuddeLink 3+1 Cellular Starter Kit

Item # 3340031


Cameras use a proprietary network to send images to 1 “home” camera, which in turn sends them to you

So instead of multiple cameras with multiple cell plans, with CuddeLink you have multiple cameras on 1 cell plan

Savings of $10, $20, or even $100 every month


1 Dual Cell

  • Top-of-the-line camera with CuddeLink and Cell built in
  •  20 MP images
  • 1/4 second trigger speed
  • Dual Flash™ with 850nm IR and 940nm Black Flash® built into 1 camera
  • Long Range IR® has illumination range to 100 feet
  • Black Flash® has illumination range to 50 feet
  • EZ Mode for simple set and forget operation
  • Advanced Mode with separate settings for day and night, time lapse & burst mode
  • Prime Time is our new patent pending time lapse mode optimized to capture deer in fields during peak movement times
  • Cellular service starts at only $10 per month
  • Certified for AT&T cellular networks and will send images to all smart phones
  • Receive images as fast as they are taken, or batch them up to extend battery life and improve performance
  • Activating cell service is simple on Cuddeback’s website

3 J-Series Long range IR cameras 

  • The J-Series camera uses the same technology as the G-Series, with a conventional illumination system
  • Excellent image quality and performance in a compact size
  • 24 LED illumination
  • IR range to 100 feet
  • Black Flash range to 50 feet
  • J-Series cameras are ideal for trails, scrapes, bait, mineral and other areas where deer are within 50 feet
  • CuddeLink Modes—Home, Remote, Repeater
  • Uses 4 D batteries
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