Fuse Carbon X Slim Stabilizer
Fuse Carbon X Slim Stabilizer Fuse Carbon X Slim Stabilizer

Fuse Carbon X Slim Stabilizer

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Experience an all-new level of shooting accuracy and performance.
• Designed specifically for recurve
• World-renowned for innovation, performance, design and proven results
• The most innovative, advanced, high-performance design FUSE has ever introduced
Dual Stiffness Technology - dial in your stiffness preference. Maximize vertical plane stiffness with the dimples side to side or reduce stiffness by 23% with the dimples top and bottom. Easy-adjust stud allows quick and easy fine tuning of stiffness preference
Internal Damping Technology - ensures a smooth, vibration-free, rock-solid shot
Dimpling Technology - dimpled design breaks up wind allowing for a more steady aim and accurate shot
• Comes standard with a 1.5 oz. recurve cap weight. Additional weights can be purchased separately to obtain a custom balanced set-up for ultimate performance
• 24” (3.58 oz.), 27” (3.89 oz.), 29” (4.1 oz.) weight listed does not included end weights
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