Illusion Systems PhaZe Body Odor System
Illusion Systems PhaZe Body Odor System

Illusion Systems PhaZe Body Odor System

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PhaZe Out your body odor.


  • The PhaZe system is designed to control your dander
  • Certified salon quality products keep your hair and body hydrated and nourished
  • Safe and effective scent control systems and it’s environmentally friendly formula was designed for use on sensitive skin
  • The PhaZe Z-technology is not designed to KILL anything, instead it permanently entraps odor molecules on contact
  • Tested and proven to maintain its integrity and effectiveness in all weather conditions and has a shelf life of more than 10 years
  • Phaze 1: Body Treatment: includes body wash, shampoo/conditioner and body lotion. PhaZe One works to cleanse your body, condition your skin and control your dander
  • PhaZe 2: Garment Treatment: includes laundry detergent that adds scent capturing Z-Technology to any of your outdoor garments
  • PhaZe 3: Field Treatment: is your last line of defense. Field Foam captures odor molecules from perspiration that may occur in transit
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