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Pilla Mask System (MX or FX - 1 Lens Kit)
Pilla Mask System (MX or FX - 1 Lens Kit) Pilla Mask System (MX or FX - 1 Lens Kit)

Pilla Mask System (MX or FX - 1 Lens Kit)

Item # 9520019

Specifically designed by Archers for Archers.
• A concept refined by working with the #1 archer in the world, Erika Jones
• Provides complete unobstructed visual sight and target reference
• Visual picture is unmatched through the lens as there is no nose piece interupting the archers vision
• Secured using a suede lanyard which is easily adjusted for pressure using a slide on the backside of the head
• Lightweight lens sits on the bridge with no pressue from the lanyard
• Megol sweat bar promotes air flow from top to bottom as well as through the front side of the sweat bar
• Innovative sweat bar design acts like a frame and provides a very comfortable fixing point to the head
• Additional venting holes in the lens are designed to reduce fogging in high humidity conditions

Lens Technology
• VIVX lenses exceed all world standards for optics
• Zeiss certified to be optical perfect
• Enhanced high definition color enhancement
• Refined filtration for maximum visual experience
• Superior resolution in lens design
• Crystal clear lens; front and backside multi layer anti reflective coatings
• Full application of proprietary Hydro-Pel coatings

FX (small to medium size) Perfect design for women, girls and those who have a more narrow or petite face
MX (medium to large size)

• 35DC & 60DC features Chroma Shift Technology
• Designed to kill the red target element and enhance the center of the target
• Calms the eye and allows the eye to relax and focus on the dead center of the target with no visual distraction

Archery Filtration
Full Sun to Medium Light - 35DC
Medium Lighting - 42ED
Medium Light to Low Light - 60DC
Low Light - 76/78HC

See Download for Archery Filtration information.

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