Seth McGinn's CanCooker Jr.
Seth McGinn's CanCooker Jr.

Seth McGinn's CanCooker Jr.

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The quick, convenient and healthy way to cook outdoors!
Nothing else cooks a complete meal for numerous people as easily and quickly as CanCooker. But you’ll soon come to really appreciate CanCooker for the quality of the food it cooks. CanCooker cooks with steam. As the liquid reaches the boiling point, it turns to steam which, because its lighter than the cooler air around it, begins to circulate inside the CanCooker. This natural convection helps to cook the food inside your CanCooker even faster. It also keeps food from sticking to the sides which means extremely easy clean-up.

CanCooker is made out of a food grade anodized aluminum which is extremely conductive. This means more heat gets transferred to your food, as well. The anodizing is important as it means the actual aluminum never touches your food so it’s totally safe! You’ll be amazed at the food that comes out of your CanCooker. You might assume it would be mushy, a bit bland and the flavors all mixed like with a conventional crock pot. The textures are more fresh, the flavors more real and the food better maintains its color and nutrients. This is because the steam does not leach away nutrients like boiling. So, everything comes out tender.

• Premium high temperature silicone gasket
• Riveted, heavy-duty handles
• Safety clamps hold lid in place
• Vented lid for pressure release
• Wide mouth design for easy stocking and removal of food
• Dimensions: Approximately 7″ tall, 10″ in diameter
• Weight: Approximately 2 lbs.
• Capacity: 2 gallons
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