The Hunger Games

Olympic Archer Trains The Hunger Games Star

March 23, 2012 - In the beginning, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence was simply another customer requesting private archery lessons from four-time Olympic Archer Khatuna Lorig.

Lorig did not know that she had been chosen to train the lead role in The Hunger Games, a film that opens in theaters today with the promise of becoming an immediate box office hit and a sure bullseye for fans of archery.

Lancaster Archery's own champion, Christie Colin, has shot side by side with Lorig and caught up with her this week to learn more about what it takes to train a movie star.

Colin: Jennifer Lawrence plays, Katniss Everdeen, the lead character in The Hunger Games. How is archery used in this film?

Lorig: The main character is a teenage girl who is constantly fighting for survival. She is both hunter and hunted. She uses the bow to survive.

Colin: What did you do to prepare Lawrence for the role?

Lorig: I trained her with a 20 lb wooden bow, an armguard and a finger tab. We met fifteen times and she shot 80 arrows each time into an outdoor target face at 20 meters.

Colin: What style of bow is used in the film?

Lorig: I don't know what equipment they used to make the movie. This is Hollywood, so I would expect them to disguise the bow with special effects.

Colin: Were you surprised when asked to train a movie star?

Lorig: Nobody told me that I was working with a movie star! After I noticed, I was very proud and I told her a couple of times, "You are a movie star, OMG."

And she would say, "Are you kidding me? You are a four time Olympian. THAT is great!"

I told her, "When I see you on the screen, I will be screaming, 'She is my student!'"

She started laughing and said, "No, when I see you in the Olympics, I will scream, 'She is my coach!'"

It was very sweet of her. She made me feel like I knew her a very long time.

Colin: How do you think The Hunger Games will impact the sport of archery?

Lorig: I hope the movie will inspire people with the desire to experience archery, to pick up a bow and learn the sport.

Colin: You've inspired a lot of archers yourself. What are your own goals for the coming year?

Lorig: I am currently training for Olympic trials. My own goal is to make the Olympic team and bring a medal home.