Wasp SharpShooter Traditional Broadheads
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Wasp SharpShooter Traditional Broadheads

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Cut-on-contact head for any bowhunter looking for more penetration.
• Designed with a cut-on-contact Blade-Locking System which utilizes a hardened stainless steel forward section that aligns the main blade to the ferrule, eliminating misaligned blades and poor arrow flight
• Serves traditional and recurve archers but also modern archers who shoot "speed bows" with the properly spined arrow
• Solid steel ferrule increases strength and also reduces surface area to improve flight
• .040” main blade and .027” bleeder blades, all blades are replaceable
• 1" cut diameter
• 4 blade design
• 150 grains
• 3 heads per pack
More Information
Weight150 gr.
Cut Diameter1"
Number of Blades4 Blades
Blade Thickness.040"
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Do Not Ship InternationalNo
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