Whitetail Institute Imperial Winter Greens 3 lb.

Whitetail Institute Imperial Winter Greens 3 lb.

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Imperial Whitetail Winter-Greens is an annual blend of cool season WINA brassicas specifically designed for late-season food plots and late-season hunting. Imperial Whitetail Winter-Greens is highly drought-resistant, able to withstand extremely cold temperatures and stands tall even under snow so that deer will find it when everything else is either dead or buried.

  • MORE ATTRACTIVE TO DEER than any other brassicas tested by the Whitetail Institute
  • Fortified with a small amount of Whitetail Institute's TALL TINE TURNIP
  • Highly nutritious late season food source 
  • Establishes and grows rapidly
  • EXTREMELY drought and cold tolerant
  • Provides abundant tonnage, attraction and energy in the early and late seasons
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Coverage 1/2 acre

Deer love the taste of Winter-Greens, and you’ll love knowing they have a good source of nutrition during the winter – and best of all, they’ll come looking for it on your property.

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