Win&Win WIAWIS TW-Brace
Win&Win WIAWIS TW-Brace Win&Win WIAWIS TW-Brace

Win&Win WIAWIS TW-Brace

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Set up your bow at full draw.
• Designed for use with recurve bows only
• The best way to check alignment of the limbs along with your handle at full draw
• Allows for a safe setup when your bow is at full draw

Steps for use:
• With the brace as short as possible turn the center section approximately halfway to make rotation easier
• Place the string into the TW-Brace below the nocking point with the string in the TW-Braces string groves
• Hold the grip of the bow with one hand and draw it carefully until both parts fit securely from the string to the pivot point of the handle
• Check for perpendicular alignment from the grip of the bow, then increase the length to where you need it or until you reach the red dot
• Set to 1" increments the first dot indicates 24" from the string to the pivot point
• Now you can check your limb alignment safely

*Do not draw over 29 inches (over the red dot) or the TW-Brace could collapse, at any draw length, the TW-Brace stores a significant amount of energy which, if suddenly leaked, could injure the user and damage the bow *Do not bump or dislodge the TW-Brace when in use and always shorten the TW-Brace by rotating the center section before removing it from the bow
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