X-Focus 365 Glass Lens (Axcel)
X-Focus 365 Glass Lens (Axcel) X-Focus 365 Glass Lens

X-Focus 365 Glass Lens (Axcel)

Item # 3390022


The first archery scope lens built specifically with archery in mind, offering a detailed view of the target like you've never seen before.

  • Full anti-reflective coated optics coating featuring hydrophobic properties to shed water
  • This lens has been developed and designed using very sophisticated design elements that are used in astronomy and binocular production
  • Completely new scientific and technical approach nothing like what has been presented before by any other scope lens company
  • Task specific and designed for tournament or hunting equipment for archery
  • From the material to the curves to the coatings and how it’s all put together, this lens is 100% purpose engineered to outperform all other options in the industry today
  • Not an eyeglasses lens that has been repurposed to fit the archery application 
  • Plano - Convex base construction for ultimate performance
  • Hardened glass for superior durability and coating resilience
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